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Journal Entry   
05:28pm 02/10/2005
mood: mischievous
I'm... young again.

Hmm... what can I do with this? I see that other people are having similar "problems" as well. It's so strange to look in the mirror and see those ears again. It's been so long... or at least it feels like so long ago.

How is Yamato-chan doing with this, I wonder...?
[ooc: meme]   
11:19am 04/09/2005
mood: amused
Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See libertinekouya's results.Collapse )
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Journal Entry   
10:08am 26/08/2005
mood: flirty
God, these people are so BORING. I've never seen so many boring males (and wannabe males... wannabegayboy is a real shame) in my LIFE. even though some of them are cute oh God I can't believe I said that plz kill me now

It's good to see godfanyamato...

PrivateCollapse )

I can't believe ghetto4life is here now, too -_-; Even though she's still hot and I'd hit it in a second.
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Journal Entry   
07:47pm 28/07/2005
mood: annoyed
Hmm... The new girl around here seems very interesting. We'll just have to see if she's also interested.

Though I doubt it. Sigh. Why do all you people only seem to go for the pedobait little boys and the pedo old guys and not the sexy lesbian pimps? Even the new girl seems fascinated with that little angstbubble known as Ritsuka. Both of them. I mean, he's cute, for a boy, but there are other, cuter boys around here even. Ugh, there are so few females around here that I've started boy-watching or something. Disgusting.
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Journal Entry   
12:43am 19/07/2005
mood: annoyed
So, I did this meme thingCollapse )

For some reason, there's this female who thinks I'm impersonating her. I don't know what would make her think that, like I said to her, I only just met her the other day, and I've always been me. I think she's just jealous of my prowess with the ladies. Either that or she's my clone and trying to take over! Yeah, that must be it. But I'll win her over some day.

And then we can have a threesome with that hot Yamato chick with the nice rack.
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01:27am 17/07/2005
mood: devious
Testing? I know I don't have any tests today. 'Cept maybe testing my mad skillz with the ladies. But that's an ongoing, everyday thing, so...

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